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  • Our Mission

    The mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is to work cooperatively with all levels of government to provide a safe environment for residents and visitors to our state. Although focused primarily on the enforcement of traffic laws and investigation of traffic crashes, the San Andreas Highway Patrol will support the efforts of all public safety agencies to reduce crime, apprehend those who commit them, and respond to natural and manmade disasters. In all of our endeavors, The San Andreas Highway Patrol personnel will remain committted to following our core beliefs of Trust, Fortitude, Compassion and Professionalism.

    ~ Trust ~

    Trust is our hallmark and foundation. Our word is our bond. Truthfulness is what the public expects from us and what we demand of ourselves. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and highest level of performance beyond reproach.

    ~ Fortitude ~

    We are committed to persevere through sacrifice and adversity to do the right thing, even at personal cost. In the tradition of those who preceded us, We are confident in our ability to fairly enforce all laws, to protect life and property, and to be accountable for our actions

    ~ Compassion ~

    We have the courage and wisdom to be fair. We are sensitive to the needs of others and are committed to treat all with dignity and respect.

    ~ Professionalism ~

    As an elite and diverse team of highly trained, motivated men and women, we are committed to providing effective, efficient, and courteous service. We pledge to set innovative standards for others to follow.



    A united and diverse workforce providing statewide 24-hour service to the motoring public resulting in safer highways, Our methods in support of the above vision include:

    ~ Traffic Safety and Management ~

    The SAHP is dedicated to saving lives through the safe and efficient use of the highway transportation system.

    ~ State Security ~

    The SAHP is committed to providing security for the public and protecting state assets and infrastructure.

    ~ Ethics ~

    The SAHP promotes ethical practices through our professional values.

    ~ Quality Service Delivery ~

    The SAHP is committed to quality service to all citizens of the state of San Andreas

    ~ Leadership Development ~

    The SAHP empowers and facilitates leadership.

    ~ Public Relations ~

    The SAHP proactively establishes effective community relationships and partnerships to educate and improve our services to the public.

    ~ Emergency Response ~

    The SAHP continuously pursues excellence in emergency preparedness, response, and incident command management.


    The badge of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is a gold seven-point star with the San Andreas state seal in the center, and a ribbon with the rank of the badge holder on the bottom. Each point represents a fundamental aspect of the department:

    Character | Integrity | Knowledge | Judgement | Honor | Loyalty | Courtesy

  • Highway Patrol's Specialized Bureaus

    SAHP_HPBI_Logo_2_Outline.png    S.E.B._Main_Logo_1.png   SAHP_Canine_Division_Logo_1.png    SAHP_SIG_Logo_2_Blue.png

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    Specialized Enforcement Bureau (SEB): CLOSED




    C.V.S.G. Unit Commander: Vacant L.

    I.D.E.G. Unit Commander: @Stefan A. 5S-26

    M.T.A.G. Unit Commander: Vacant L.


  • Field Training Bureau (FTB): CLOSED


  • Canine Operations Division (COD): CLOSED


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    Bureau of Air and Coastal Operations (BACO): @Steve C. 5E-4

    The San Andreas Highway Patrol Bureau of Air and Coastal Operations is formed of unique and specialized units that strive to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies and the general public. This assistance can be provided through aerial assets, vessels, and even all-terrain vehicles.


    A.O.G. Unit Commander: Vacant L.

    M.O.G. Unit Commander: Vacant L.

  • Highway Patrol Bureau of Investigations: CLOSED


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  • Commissioner

    @Jay K. 5E-1


  • Commander

    @Steve C. 5E-4


  • Highway Command Staff

    Commissioner - @Jay K. 5E-1
    Deputy Commissioner - @Anthony T. 5E-2
    Assistant Commissioner - Vacant L.
    Commander (Field Ops) - @Steve C. 5E-4
    Commander (Administrative) - Vacant L.
    Major (Field Ops) - Vacant L.
    Major (Administrative)  - Vacant L.

    Highway Patrol Senior Command

    Highway Captain @Kenneth D. 5S-8
    Highway Captain - Vacant L.
    Highway Captain - Vacant L.
    Highway Lieutenant - Vacant L.
    Highway Lieutenant - Vacant L.
    Highway Lieutenant - Vacant L.


    Recruitment Status

    Member Recruitment: OPEN
    Department Transfers: OPEN
    Reserve Recruitment: OPEN


    Cycle Announcements

    Trooper of the Cycle


    FTO of the Cycle


    Top Trooper



    January Statistics

    Full-Time Hours: 44.38 Hours
    Reserve Hours: 0 Hours
    Total Department Hours: 44.38 Hours


    Available Subdivisions

    Specialized Enforcement Bureau: CLOSED
    Bureau of Air & Coastal Operations: CLOSED
    Canine Operations Division: CLOSED
    Strategic Interventions Group: CLOSED
    Field Training Division: CLOSED

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