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  • What is the Communications Department?

    The Communications Department is responsible for facilitating and managing the communications between Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS and the citizens of San Andreas. We receive and transfer information to ground services so that appropriate action can be taken, efficiently and professionally, to aid the public, maintain law and order, and save lives. Answering 911 calls is our primary method of receiving information from the public and, therefore, represents a major part of our departments daily operations. Our Operators dispatch using an advanced computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) and telecommunication technology to inform, direct and manage our affiliated emergency personnel to calls for service. Simply put, Communications connects and directs various emergency response agencies to the wider public.

    Our Objective & Values

    The Communications Department strives to provide the State of San Andreas quality dispatching practise. We dedicate ourselves to providing an accurate, efficient and professional service to San Andreas citizens by answering 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls by those standards, and dispatch the appropriate emergency services. We coordinate with our fellow Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters to assist the public in upholding law, order and safety for everyone.

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  • Dispatch Command Staff
    Dispatch Director - Vacant L.
    Dispatch Deputy Director - Vacant L.
    Director of Operations - Vacant L.

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